HiTHERM® has created insulation specifications for engineers pertaining to a variety of applications. These specifications may not be pertinent for every application. If you have any questions on specifications or conditions not covered herein, please contact your local HiTHERM representative.

HT-300® Specifications* Type (File Size) Type (File Size)
HiTHERM HT-300 for Cryogenics Applications Coming Soon

Coming Soon

HiTHERM HT-300 for Refrigeration Applications PDF (192KB) Word (66KB)
HiTHERM HT-300 for Chilled Water PDF (193KB) Word (66KB)
HiTHERM HT-300 for Hot Water PDF (193KB) Word (66KB)
HT-450® Specifications* Type (File Size) Type (File Size)
HiTHERM HT-450 for Low Pressure Steam PDF (185KB) Word (59KB)
HiTHERM HT-450 for Medium-High Pressure Steam PDF (185KB) Word (59KB)

*These specifications are offered as a guide for the purpose described herein. No warranty of procedures, either expressed or implied is intended. All other express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. Please confirm that you are meeting all local and state building codes.